Best Preschool in Kaggadasapura

Best Preschool in Kaggadasapura
In India, education has been a fundamental factor in the life of all its citizens, starting from childhood. Currently, there are many educational academies around the country, but when it comes to preschools and daycare centers, Kaggadasapura has some of the best. The Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Kaggadasapura is one of the main institutes that welcomes all children and parents to a place full of fun, imagination, and learning of the highest level with experimental methodologies.

There are several characteristics that define Cambridge Montessori as one of the best daycare centers and preschools in Kaggadasapura. So if you need to put your child in a daycare center or a preschool, then it is better that you know what this academy has to offer.

Experienced Teachers

All Cambridge Montessori teachers are well prepared and qualified to pass on learning to their children through training, workshops, and assessments. In addition, they have the ability to handle any situation that may arise in the classroom and provide an efficient solution with the necessary resources.

Differential Approach

Thanks to the experimental methodologies that the institution applies, they focus on encouraging children to learn by allowing them to make contact with things, feel them, and make use of them. They try to get each child to achieve a clear understanding of the materials with ownership and leadership.

Personalized Curriculum

The Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare curriculum is designed so that children can experience learning in a stimulating way by studying each child’s characteristics and learning style. As a result, they learn to develop their full potential.

Protection and Safety

It is very important for the institution to guarantee the safety and protection of the little ones. CMPD institutions have CCTV services, live GPS tracking, RFID, and very strict security regulations.

Love and Care

All Cambridge Montessori nursery students and preschoolers have intangible benefits such as good attention, care, and lots of love. This affection improves the creativity, thinking, and language of the little ones.

Health and Hygiene

The institution’s hygiene standards are quite strict and efficient. It has cleaning protocols that ensure that everything is kept clean, both places and objects.

Programs at Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare

Now, few LKG and UKG in Kaggadasapura offer programs for children of different ages. However, since CMPD is a Preschool and Daycare in Kaggadasapura, you can enroll your child from the age of one. These are the programs offered by Cambridge Montessori for all citizens.

Little Hearts (1-2 years)

The Little Hearts program is a loving and caring program that meets the needs of those little ones who are just beginning to grow. In Little Hearts the development of basic motor skills, perceptive and sensory development, language acquisition, and actions that stimulate children from 1 to 2 years old to understand simple actions are stimulated.

Tender Hearts (2-3 years)

In the next group, prepared to receive children between 2 and 3 years of age, the children are taught skills that will benefit them in their daily lives; strengthening skills, eye-touch coordination, and motor skills. In addition, classroom activities include the use of language and numbers, as well as cooking, manners, primary care, cultural traditions, and other artistic, musical, botanical, and zoological activities.

Nursery (3-4 years)

From this program, children are already being taught about arithmetic, language, and knowledge about the environment, through different innovative techniques, always respecting Indian educational standards.

LKG (4-5 years old)

The LKG year is the penultimate year of the Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare. During this year the children continue to develop their previous lessons with a little more difficulty, and at the same time socializing and counseling with their classmates. The aim is to give them some prominence as the older and more experienced students of the playschool.

UKG (5-6 years old)

In CMPD’s UKG program, children learn to function in a challenging environment where their curiosity, developmental, physical, moral, and intellectual skills are stimulated. At this stage, the child’s learning becomes much more practical, with students moving from simple to more complex tasks, and from concrete to abstract ideas. In addition, methodologies are applied for different areas; science, math, language, etc.

Likewise, at UKG, the stimulation and development of skills are maintained with physical education and music studies. The objective of this last year is that the child leaves the institute with the capacity to be an apprentice and collaborator, with an optimistic vision of his future.

Mind Lab

As a bonus, Kaggadasapura Cambridge Montessori High School offers an innovative workshop that encourages children to take their minds beyond thinking, expanding their learning limits. In this Mind Lab, the child is encouraged to develop his or her own gray matter and challenge himself or herself scientifically. To achieve this, strategy games are employed, in which children learn to develop their thinking skills as well as their life skills.

The goal of this program is to prepare children for the different challenges they may face, strengthening their cognitive, emotional, and social skills to think in a reflective way. Mind Lab teaches mathematics, robotics, English, personality development, and more.

Teacher Training

Another quality that makes this nursery stand out from others in Kaggadasapura is its teacher training program. In this program, teachers are instructed in the concept of training children as sincerely as possible. It has a curriculum and structure that is based on the development of the child. Many educational bodies have contributed to and certified this program as one of the best in the world.

Thanks to this training program, Cambridge Montessori is proud to provide an efficient team ready to lead children to success and to develop them with the ambition of wanting to learn more and more.

However, one institution is not enough to provide a good education and preparation for all the children of Kaggadasapura. Therefore, they are always looking for trained teachers and educational support staff to expand quality programs for preschool in Kaggadasapura and throughout the country. Meanwhile, CMPD continues to demonstrate what education for all Indian children and the world should look like.



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