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Preschool and DayCare in Kaggadasapura
Preschool and DayCare in Kaggadasapura
Preschool and DayCare in Kaggadasapura

Best preschool in Malleshpalya, for Laying the best foundation for tomorrow..

At Cambridge Montessori, we foster a Montessori-based atmosphere where your child can explore his own interests and grow at his own pace. Our teachers work one-on-one with each student, helping each child on their unique learning path, as opposed to instructing the entire class at once (as is done in a traditional school setting). All of our instructors in Malleshpalya employ well-known educational resources in addition to Montessori teaching materials and techniques.

Montessori preschool in Malleshpalya, 560075

At Cambridge Montessori we are a Montessori preschool in Malleshpalya that combines cutting-edge educational principles with a stunning, natural setting. Every kid at our school has access to the best security, Interactive boards, computer labs, science labs for experiments, robotics, studying foreign languages, indoor and outdoor play areas, and musical instruments.

Cambridge Montessori aids pupils in developing their self-assurance, maturity, awareness, creativity, and engagement. able to create a better future by meeting the expectations of the world of tomorrow. We assist students in Malleshpalya develop an educated curiosity and an enduring passion for learning as we prepare them for life.

Our features

Experience Teachers

Because of their extensive training, experience, and access to ongoing seminars and examinations, our teachers in Malleshpalya are capable of handling difficult situations and sprucing up to offer the necessary knowledge and resources. When toddlers make their first contact with other kids and learn how to take part in a cooperative group, our qualified and compassionate Montessori teachers support toddlers in adjusting their requirements.

Difference Approach

Children are encouraged to learn through touching, feeling, and doing things thanks to our innovative method. Students acquire a strong practical understanding of the subjects, which fosters leadership and ownership. Children have the freedom to choose, but their options are limited by the options accessible and by the standards of behavior expected of them, particularly with regard to self-discipline.

Montessori Curriculum

Our curriculum establishes a benchmark for education around the world, with curricula that push, test, and motivate our students. The Cambridge Montessori curriculum is built on key learning areas: sensory and practical living (fine motor skills, self-care, environment care, and grace and civility).

Safety and security

Child safety and security are our top priorities because of the young age of our little tots. Our offerings include tight security, live GPS tracking, and well-managed 24-hour CCTV access. It aids in our ability to keep an eye on kids' activities and follow their whereabouts.

Love & Care

Our learning atmosphere, intrinsically fascinating materials, and age-appropriate development activities serve our children by fostering their creativity, critical thinking skills, and linguistic proficiency. The learning environment offered by the school is highly encouraging and tranquil. The warm and compassionate teachers at Cambridge Montessori in Malleshpalya support your children's development.

Health and Hygiene

At Cambridge Montessori preschool, hygiene requirements are quite strict. Our schools always keep a spotless appearance. Every center adheres to standardized procedures to guarantee the cleanliness of the environment and of the items. Our institute in Malleshpalya adheres to stringent sanitary guidelines, so children are not permitted to make a mess anywhere on the property.

Why Choose Us

Choose us in Malleshpalya, 560075 because of the following reasons:

Personalized Approach

In order for each student to achieve their greatest potential, the learning environment in our schools offers engaging experiences that cater to each person's specific traits and learning preferences.

Enrich your child's abilities

Your child will find a prepared environment run by the Montessori philosophy where an amazing journey, a learning route to improve and enrich each child's unique abilities, interests, and needs, begins.

Highly certified teachers

We provide a great 1:8 instructor to student ratio. Our passionate, seasoned, and highly certified Montessori instructors are committed to ensure that every child realizes their full potential and are deeply committed to the Montessori method.

Determined to help

Because of how helpful the Cambridge Montessori faculty is, they encourage pupils to do research to pique their interests. Our staff is committed to assisting your child in thriving, and child development is our top priority.


Asked Questions

Essential facilities include safe environment, age-appropriate toys, healthy meals, and educational programs.

We provide daily reports on activities, meals, and development through our app.

Our teachers have relevant education, certifications, and experience in child development and teaching.

Timings are flexible, but we recommend morning sessions for optimal engagement and learning.

We use interactive platforms, engaging activities, and personalized attention to deliver virtual preschool classes.

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